Participating in Co-creation with Brands

A novel approach to expand your network and making your secondary income.

An illustration of Brands and Creators interacting over the internet through co-creation platform

In today’s age of ‘consumer 3.0’ where the consumer is smart, demands alleviated experience, great value deals, and prefers convenience, it is becoming very complicated for brands to innovate and come up with perfectly satisfying products and services. The consequence; we are observing a rapid paradigm shift from the conservative traditional innovation methods used by brands to a wider and open innovation methodologyIn this method, brands involve their customers, potentially skilled crowd and stakeholders in their innovation course and journey to come up with product ideas, heuristic feedbacks, and solutions that are mutually high in value and reassure good customer experience, this helps the brand to win their customers in terms of sales.

Market analysis highlights that 51% of brands are reaching out to customers and people with relevant skills or experience to help them shape their new products, services, or versions of either through a co-creation process. This co-creation process generally takes place online in the form of ideation contests or forums on platforms like is an online platform where a significant crowd of creators, customers, and skilled professionals get the opportunity to interact with their favorite brands and sign up to join them in their process of co-creation. The best part is that the ratio of the benefits reaped to the amount of time and efforts invested on is high, which means many creators establish their ways of boosting their careers, expanding their networks, getting their skills validated, and the most appealing of all- make good sums of money on this platform.

An illustration that describes the benefits of joining the platform

Here, I would like to lay down a few points that will help beginners pick up the pace and understand a few hacks on how to use to their benefit;

1. Browse through the co-creation contests and sign up for the problem statement or the story of the brand or product that you love or the ones that inspire you the most.

2. Understand the ‘ask’ and the problem well. Read through the well fabricated Do’s and Don’ts laud down for your better understanding of the solution expected.

3. Use the several resources arranged by qolab ranging from softwares, to corporate innovation webinars, to expert feedback, handbooks and presentation formats.

4. Submit your solution through the ‘ submission’ page.

5. Build on other’s solutions, provide feedback, and facilitate improvement.

Most people on the platform use the ‘Creator’s Lounge’ to access networking with other skilled folk or people with similar interests from different geographies. This enables users to learn from each other, share knowledge and content, and explore meaningful connections. Similarly, many people use this platform to validate their skills and content creation tactics, this helps them to benchmark and evaluate their performance in order to improve continuously.

Consistent users get visibility and often bag opportunities that lead to jobs, internship offers, and freelance contracts. Qolab is always happy to assist users with the learning experience and the platform to connect with experts; this helps the users get insights about corporate innovation, design thinking, and other essential information that can inspire the user to create a winning solution. If you are curious to discover more, Join now !